Customized service : Floors and stairs

Whether you are an individual or someone from the industry, Bois Mirabel is for you as relative to your project for the design of floors or stairs. More than suppliers, we manufacture on site at our plant in Boucherville, all the stair components you’ll need. Stair parts, handrails, curves and steps, wooden bars and more, are available in the catalog or personalized manufacturing and customized by our wood experts. All angles and architectural details that require your wood floors or stairs projects are made without creative limits.

Our team of professionals uses powerful drawing stations for the design of your architectural wood projects: whether it is for stairs or custom components that refer to woodworking. Whatever the style, angles, shapes and architectural details that you require, our wood artists will push their creative boundaries to meet your demands. We use a unique technology in Quebec that allows us to manufacture any type of flooring (standard or non-standard).

Finishing shop and wood staining factory
Our Boucherville plant has a finishing shop as well as a color laboratory to proceed to the finish of wooden components and thus obtain high-quality results. Over the years, we have developed and perfected our finishing techniques and wood stain. Mastering these exclusive techniques is an art that we have, and contributes to obtaining accurate color of the wood, and this in a variety of details from the depth of the wood, the opacity or gloss.

Exotic wood importer and wholesaler
In addition to importing the most popular species in North America, Bois Mirabel also imports from anywhere else in the world. Brazilian woods, African essences, those of Europe, Asia or Australia, are accessible for the realization of your most original projects.

Floors and stairs "turnkey" from design to installation
Bois Mirabel is a strong company with a team where everyone combines undeniable expertise in its field. Our stair and floor experts are capable of detecting potential problems of structure, even before performing an installation. Our installers proceed carefully for each step of the installation of your floors or your stairs while respecting precisely our time schedule through an integrated management software package developed exclusively for us. This real-time monitoring tool is a major asset for our company because it allows us to ensure the accuracy and precision of our orders and our facilities.
  • Service for individuals
  • Customized service
  • Design of architectural projects
  • Top quality work
  • No creative limits
  • Service for people in the industry
  • Manufacture on site
  • Unique technology in Quebec
  • Strict deadlines
  • Everything under one roof
Photo2 (1)

Stained White oak staircase

Photo3 (1)

white oak treads /risers and maple stringers

Photo6 (1)

whiteOak staircase/posts /lacquered ballusters


red oak custom finial


Steel staircasing / tempered glass railing

Photo1 cellier

Ipe flooring and wine cellars

Made in Quebec / Fabriqué au Québec

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